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swimming pool sampling reaching families, athletes, and seniors.

With over 300,000 commercial pools nationwide, swimming is the 4th most popular sport in the USA, and the #1 recreational activity for kids ages 7 to 17. (Source: Assoc of Pool and Spa Professionals). It’s a fragmented and hard-to-reach channel. In other words a perfect channel for Hi2 sampling! Swimming pools fulfill a variety of needs and are managed by several different types of organizations, many of which Hi2 has been working with for years. Here are the biggest buckets:

Rec Centers offer swimming pools for their members and the local community for education, exercise, and recreation.

Public Pools are often run by government entities (city, county, etc.) for use by their residents.

Hotels provide pools to their guests and often to their local community.

Health Clubs and Country Clubs offer pools to their members for exercise and recreation.

Universities offer pools for education, recreation, competition, and for use by their student body and greater university community.

Camps provide swimming to their campers for education and recreation.

NEW -> Swim Schools <- with clever names like Aqua Tots and Goldfish Swim School, standalone swim schools are taking the country by storm, with approximately 2,000 locations nationwide and growing (Source: United States Swim School Association).

Hi2 offers sampling at all of the above commercial pools. While families and moms are the most obvious demographic that swimming pools offer for sampling, here are some other groups you can reach at the pool:

Seniors – Target low-impact aquatics classes aimed at an older audience, particularly concentrated among rec centers, public pools, and country clubs.

Athletes – Target health club and university swimming pools where athletes are training for triathlons or collegiate swim meets.

Pools can also be targeted based on amenity:

Outdoor v. Indoor – Outdoor pools may make more sense for sun-related products, for example. Indoor pools might be a better match if your products requires refrigeration or has a tendency to melt in the sunshine.

Competitive v. Recreational – An olympic-sized pool used for competition will attract athletes, while a splash pool with slides and fountains will attract families. Let us know your target and we’ll be sure to target the pools that make most sense for your brand.

As temperatures rise and spring begins to blossom, consumer patterns begin to change to include more sun and splash. This is the perfect time to start planning a sampling promotion targeting swimmers. For more information about swimming pool sampling or any of our other channels, shoot us an email at or call us at 303-532-5695.