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For 15 years, the world’s top brand marketing
executives have utilized Handit2 to
distribute more than 50M product samples
through our exclusive network of
Healthcare, Childcare & Wellness venues.

product sampling experts

successful campaigns

samples distributed



ROI twice the industry norm

five-star service

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best-in-class service

“Handit2 has played an integral role in sampling our products to new moms, targeting the right birth practitioners based on our criteria, and managing the relationships successfully time and time again – making things better, easier, and more cost-effective.”—Traditional Medicinals®

“We really enjoyed the opportunity to provide our patients with high quality samples that were beautifully packaged, easy to distribute, and helpful to them.”—Freeman Rumph, MD

“Handit2 has always been able to meet our sampling needs. One of the valuable services they provide are end of campaign reports. These reports have been extremely helpful in determining the success of our sampling efforts, as well as provide insight into what the consumer thinks of our product/offering. I give Handit2 5/5 stars.”—WaterWipes®

“Sampling helps both the consumer & the manufacturer get the product into the hands of the target market. Having new products to sample is a great way for people to find something new that works for them & their families.”—Rhinelander Preschool

“We have done a lot of different kinds of sampling over the years, but we continue to work with handit2 because of their efficiency – they allow us to be smarter with our dollars by reaching our exact target demographic at very granular levels!”SmartyPants Vitamins®


“It is beneficial for everyone involved. The product gets good exposure, the clients love trying something new for free, and it helps our business by having something special and extra for our members and clients.”—Ultimate Sports Institute & Fitness Center