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sampling in yoga classes.

How to Sample in Yoga Classes to Build Product Awareness

Do you have a product that yogis would love? Sharing your product directly with yoga enthusiasts while they are in their favorite studio has a higher ROI and lower cost per sample than other sampling options like direct mail or street teams. By distributing your samples directly to your target consumer, you avoid waste on non-targeted consumers. And since the yoga studios provide the influence, space and manpower, you save your brand money!

In 2015 there were 36.7 million yoga practitioners in the USA (source: Statistica). This number continues to trend upward. Between 2012 and 2016 the number of Americans practicing yoga increased 50% and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. At the end of 2018, there were more than 6,000 yoga studios in the United States (source: The Good Body) and thousands more venues that offer yoga classes (think rec centers, health clubs, others). This is a huge opportunity for brands to get their products into the hands of health-minded adults. While the majority of yogis are women (72%), men are increasingly participating in yoga classes. Sampling to yoga enthusiasts provides your brand with an upscale, engaged audience that is ready and excited to try your product.

Handit2 Reach
– 200MM samples distributed via yoga classes in the USA
– 20K samples distributed via yoga classes in Canada

The number of yoga practitioners in the USA is projected to increase from 36.7 million in 2015 to more than 55 million in 2020 (source: Statistica) offering brands an ideal environment to distribute samples. We are continuously adding new studios to our network and as the number of consumers practicing yoga increases, so does your ability to distribute your samples to this growing population segment.

Product sampling to yoga enthusiasts is more cost effective than other sampling tactics. We eliminate the need for brand ambassadors as the yoga staff functions as the brand ambassador. Yoga enthusiasts appreciate this model as they receive the product sample and information from someone they know and trust. Yoga studios appreciate this model because they get to delight their customers with an unexpected gift.

The Handit2 Network’s yoga studio sampling strategy has several additional advantages:

– We target relevant demographics – We sample in venues that attract fitness enthusiasts generally. In addition to yoga studios, we can also reach athletes in health clubs, rec centers, boot camps, dance classes, personal training facilities, sports medicine facilities, physical therapist offices, racquet sports facilities, swimming pools, and trendy spots such as pilates studios, barre studios, martial arts studios, and more. We can filter venues based on local demographics such as income, ethnicity, or other demographic variables.

– We can geotarget around stores that sell your product – Provide us with a list of stores and we’ll only target yoga classes within 1/3/5 miles etc. of those stores.

– We reach ‘real’ consumers – We reach your actual targeted consumer in the real world, not virtual freebie seekers who will go to great lengths just to get something for free.

– We create buzz – We encourage consumers to share their brand experience with their family and friends both offline and online, generating highly sought after word-of-mouth advertising.

– We surprise consumers – Consumers are excited to receive an unexpected, yet highly relevant sample in a place they frequently visit and trust.

– We spend your budget wisely – Multiple samples are shipped to a single venue (minimizing shipping fees), there is little sample waste, and valuable and measurable feedback is collected from venues and consumers.

In addition to yoga enthusiasts, Handit2 can reach numerous other demographics including men, women, moms, pet owners, millennials, boomers, generation Z, LOHAS and others.

If you have questions about how Handit2 can help you get your brand’s products into the hands of yogis, contact our team today!