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How to Distribute Your Product Samples During Unique Times

We are experiencing a global pandemic unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. Given this environment, are you wondering how to best distribute your product samples? Since COVID-19 struck, Handit2 Network has focused our sampling efforts on medical practitioners that are deemed essential and are therefore open nationwide: family medicine, internal medicine, pediatricians, OBGYNs, dermatologists, naturopaths, and many more. Your ideal target audience is reached via the medical practitioner types you choose and by zip code.

Handit2 Network’s sampling strategy has several advantages:

– We target relevant demographics – We sample in venues that attract your target audience. Medical offices are filtered based on local demographics such as income, ethnicity, or other demographic variables.

– We can geotarget around stores that sell your product – Provide us with a list of stores and we’ll only target venues within 1/3/5 miles etc of those stores.

– We reach ‘real’ consumers – We reach your actual targeted consumer in the real world, not virtual freebie seekers who will go to great lengths just to get something for free.

– We create buzz – We encourage consumers to share their brand experience with their family and friends both offline and online, generating highly sought after word-of-mouth advertising.

– We surprise consumers – Consumers are excited to receive an unexpected, yet highly relevant sample from their trusted medical practitioner.

– We spend your budget wisely – Multiple samples are shipped to a single medical office (minimizing shipping fees), there is little sample waste, and valuable and measurable feedback is collected from the medical offices and consumers.

Handit2 reaches numerous demographics including moms, men, women, athletes, pet owners, millennials, boomers, generation Z, LOHAS and others.

Reach out today to learn more about how to get your product samples into consumers’ hands, even during a time when most people are staying home.