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product sampling to reach men at health clubs. 

The U.S. health club industry serves 71.5 million consumers, or 1 in 5 Americans [source], with 28% growth over the past decade [source].

Through our venue-based sampling promotions, Handit2 can help brands break through the clutter and capture the attention of men when they are working out at health clubs. Our network of health clubs has the capacity to distribute over 2.3 million samples to men in a place that they visit and trust.

All generations have been spotted doing their rounds at the local gym, although some more than others. The breakdown of gym memberships by demographic is as follows:

33% of Millennials
24% of Gen Xers
22% of Baby Boomers
14% of Gen Zers
7% of the Silent Generation

We offer highly targeted sampling campaigns via health clubs all across the country. To receive a proposal for a sampling program targeting men—or any demographic—email or call 303-532-5695.