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how it works.

Through our venue based sampling approach, we offer hundreds of combinations to reach your exact target consumer. Because the venues in our network generally serve a very specific segment of the population, samples always reach your ideal consumer. 

Want to reach new moms in Texas with an income over $60K within a mile of Walgreens?


How about auto mechanics, in the Northeast, that service more than 100 cars a month?


your customized promotion.

We’ll guide you through the process of building the perfect audience for your product.

DEMOGRAPHIC – Who is your target audience? Gender, interests, income level?

GEOGRAPHY – What key markets or retailers are important?

PROGRAM SIZE  How many samples would you like to distribute? Budget?

TIMING  Do you have a season? One time or recurring sampling?

RESULTS  How will you define success? Awareness? Sales?

we make it count.

We work with you to identify the target demographics.
We handle all the logistics and paperwork, so all you have to do is provide the samples.
Businesses that service your demographic distribute the samples to their clients in an environment they know and trust.
Consumers gain awareness which leads to sales for your brand.