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product sampling in

dentist & orthodontist offices.

Serve Up Product Samples and Smiles at Dentist & Orthodontist Offices

When you think of product samples from the dentist, you may think of a toothbrush, toothpaste, and/or floss sometimes offered after a visit. We can help spice things up by surprising and delighting dental & orthodontic patients with product samples from these and other brand categories. 

We offer highly targeted sampling campaigns in non-traditional locations like dentist & orthodontist offices in the United States and Canada. Our venue-based sampling approach disrupts consumer behavior and helps you get your product into your target demographic’s hands in places they already frequent and trust.  

Our sampling programs at oral care facilities typically take place at the front desk during check out. (In the case of minors, samples are distributed to the parent.)  

In terms of patient demographics, here are some basics: 

Dental Patients

50% of adults in the US (or 100 million people) visit the dentist every 6 months [1] and 75% of Canadians visit a dental clinic once a year [2]

Over 60% of children in the USA (or 45 million) visit the dentist every 6 months [1]

In the US, females have a 15% higher rate of dental visits than males [3]

Orthodontic Patients

More than 4 million people in the US & Canada are in the care of an orthodontic specialist [4]

Treatment via dental braces typically begins between the ages of 8 and 14 [5]

The number of adults seeing an orthodontist is at an all-time high; 1 in 3 orthodontist patients in the US are over the age of 18 [6]

– Handit2 has access to 189K dentists in the US with the capacity to distribute 2MM samples
– Our network of over 10K orthodontists nationwide has the capacity to distribute 100K samples 

– Handit2 has access to nearly 29K dentists across Canada with the capacity to distribute 250K samples 
– Our network of over 800 orthodontists in Canada has the capacity to distribute over 7K samples 

Plan now to execute a venue-based product sampling promotion in time for National Children’s Dental Health Month in February (USA) and Oral Health Month in April (Canada). For more information on sampling at dentist offices & orthodontist offices—or at other non-traditional venues—email us or call 303-532-5695.

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