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product sampling reaching expecting moms.

There are few things as exciting as the anticipation an expecting mother feels. From pregnancy to postpartum, pregnant women are looking for the very best products for their baby. However, with the amount of decisions expecting parents have to make, and the sheer volume of baby products on the market, preparing for a baby can at times become overwhelming. 

Handit2 can help brands break through the clutter and capture the attention of new moms when they are first starting a family by sampling products in places they already frequent and trust. We offer highly targeted sampling campaigns via traditional and non-traditional channels such as: 

OB-GYN offices
Childbirth education classes
Birth centers
Midwives & doulas
Ultrasound clinics
Prenatal yoga classes
Pediatrician offices

Our network of practitioners/venues that serve pregnant women has the capacity to distribute over one million samples. Surprise and delight expecting moms by offering a free sample when they are already thinking about their baby and are open to receiving a sample from a trusted partner they are looking to for pregnancy/birth advice.

To receive a proposal for a sampling program targeting expecting moms—or any demographic—email or call 303-532-5695.