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The Natural Products Expo West was postponed this week due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. What a mess. Do you have product samples sitting in a truck or warehouse in Anaheim, with no plans yet on what to do with them given the postponement of the show?  

Handit2 (Hi2) is a high volume sampling agency that has worked with fulfillment partners in southern California since 2011.  If you are stuck with pallets of product samples at Expo West that will go unused, don’t destroy them or ship them home. Instead, distribute them locally or nationally in a targeted, cost-effective way.

Hi2 offers targeted sampling campaigns in non-traditional locations like daycares, yoga studios, health clubs, doctors offices, senior centers, and many more (for a complete list of our channels, see page 2 here). We work with products across all categories and have creative ways to sample almost anything. 

  • If your samples are at the Anaheim Convention Center — We can pick up your samples and deliver them to our fulfillment partner’s warehouse (also in Anaheim), where they will be stored temporarily as we work with you to build a highly effective, highly targeted, and cost efficient sampling campaign
  • If your samples are already on their way home — You could consider re-routing them to one of our fulfillment centers

If this sounds helpful, please reach out to us at or 303-532-5695. We’d love to quickly provide you with a solution and a targeted sampling promotion.